Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blogger or Wordpress - Which One Should you Use?

You are here, That means you are definitely a blogger, Then you probably may be familiar with these two words: Blogger and Wordpress. Both Are the Top and established Blogging platform. And you probably may be here because you are confused to choose the blogging platform between Blogger and Wordpress.

Today I am here to Share my experience of Using both Wordpress and Blogger and comparison between them as per my experience.

I started my blogging career with Blogger So As of Now, I am too much familiar with Blogger Blogging Platform, And it is also almost a 4 years of using Wordpress Platform for publishing my contents. So here is my Experience of Using these Giant Blogging Platforms.

Before sharing my experience you need to know that,

Blogger is a free Platform provided by The Google and we also can add Custom domain to it for free, But it is not owned by us thus, Google has fully rights to shut down the Blog even without noticing.

Wordpress has two version, Self-Hosted and Hosted version. Self hosted version means you owns your blog whereas, Hosted means blogs own by the Wordpress.

Here are the Few things that i have noticed between Wordpress and Blogger.

1. Monetization:- 

When it comes to the Blogging, Monetization is the important part to make your blog as an earning source. In Blogger it is easy to get approved in Adsense than Wordpress, Because Blogger is integrated with Adsense, I mean not to say that, Wordpress blog get disapproved.

2. Appearance:-

Blogger has very few number of templates, we can set color, layout by using its built-in tools. There are also non-official blogger template but those templates are usually low quality.

There are large number of Free and Premium Wordpress themes available, Which makes professional looking websites and themes available for Wordpress are usually high quality.

3. Security:-

Blogger is owned by Google, That means it is robust and secure platform, you also do not need to worry about the servers

Wordpress is also secure but it totally depends on you, that means you have to have responsibility for security and backups. You also have to worry about the servers where the content you have hosted.

4. Portability and SEO:- 

In Blogger, moving your sites to another platform is little bit complicated and you may also loose your subscriber, SEO.

Using WordPress, you can move your site anywhere you want. You can move your WordPress site to a new host, change domain name, or even move your site to other content management systems.
Also if you compare WordPress vs Blogger SEO, then WordPress offers way more SEO advantages.

I hope, this post helped you to understand little bit about Blogger and Wordpress
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