Thursday, December 25, 2014

What to do Before Applying for Google Adsense ?

Nowadays, There are loads of people blogging and it seems that, everyone wants to make money from blogging and starts to search Advertiser for their blogs or websites and founds that Google adsense is one of the most essential platform for avertising advertisement by the publisher so we want to join or apply for the adsense, some people may get accepted and some may get rejected.

Google adsense does not accepts every blogs or websites for publishing their ads, first we have to prepair fully before applying into adsense. here are the some tips to get not rejected by the google adsense.

how to get approved adsense acccount ?

Have a good content:- If your blogs or websites do not have a enough or sufficient content, google adsense will not accept, So write sufficient contents that will be enough to review by them. Writting must be neat, professionally and grammatically correct otherwise it will give them the excuse to toss out your application

Read Google Policies:- You must have to read Google Policies before applying this whether your blogs or websites follows their rules or not.

You Detail Information:- Post about your minimum information so that they can easily finds you and your information by Creating About Us Page, Contact Us Page, Privacy Policy Page etc.

Good Traffic:- Your blogs or websites must have a good traffics from the search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc, otherwise your application may get rejected.

Enough Posts:- Your blogs or websites must have a minimum of 40 posts and you need to post regularly.

Use Clean Theme or Template:- Clean Themes or Templates make easy to review your website by them which may increase the chance to accept the adsense account.

You must keep above all thins on your mind then apply for the adsense, Have a good time..


  1. Nice Post Bro, I also had rejected 3 months ago, Now I have fully approved account, Anyway Keep it up

  2. Its really helpful, thanks and keep it up bro

  3. Nice post, It is helpful for beginners.

  4. thanks for the post bro

  5. Can I change the Blog Address after appeal Adsense?

    1. No, you have to wait for their answers, But don't worry If your adsense account is accepted via blogspot sites you can put Adsense ads into multiple blogspot sites without any details just by adding blogspot blogs to the adsense account >> Site Management

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  8. Good Job, I really appreciate your effort. Keep it up Bro!
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