Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How to Add Meta Keywords to Each Blogger Post

Adding Meta Keywords to your any Blogger post Article and Blogs makes your sites visible to Search Engines with many related keywords.

Adding any related Meta Keyword to your blogger post plays the significant role to improve the Site SEO and Ranking.

This tip does not make you to edit html and you also not to be so expert on HTML.

How to Add Meta Keywords to Blogger Post:

1. First Create any New Post or edit an existing post.

2. Now click on HTML tab on Editing Post.

3. Now add the following code at anywhere of page.
<meta content='Related keyword separated with commas.' name='keywords'/>
4. Now replace Related keyword separated with commas. with related keywords to your post.

5. Now publish the Post and you have successfully added meta keywords to your blogger post.


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