Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Use Wikipedia Free on Ncell (Free Wikipedia – Explore dherai gyan)

NCELL is a privately owned GSM operator in Nepal, Which was re-branded from 'MERO' to Ncell in 12 march of 2014. Now Ncell has more than 10 million subscribers because of its great service and offers. And it is only one GSM operator in Nepal, which provides internet with 3.6 mbps. Because of its those great services ncell users are increasing day by day. Now, Ncell in partnership with the Wikimedia foundation is providing Wikipedia for Ncell customers completely free of cost namely Free Wikipedia – Explore dherai gyan , Only users ( or subscribers) need to have a phone, which supports to access internet. 

What can customers do in Wikipedia?

As we all know, Wikipedia is the source of knowledge without any ads ( It is the only one top site which doesn't include any ads).

  • Customers can use or access all contents available in WIKIPEDIA without any charge, However visiting and seeing external link or videos from WIKIPEDIA costs a charge according to data plan.
  • Simply a customer can visit www.wikipedia.org free.


  • This service is only available for Ncell Customer.
  • This service is not available in Proxy services, operamini, BlackBerry handsets. using WIKIPEDIA in those platform costs the charge according to the Data plans.
  • Background Application (Internet Application) costs the charge even if the WIKIPEDIA is on, Customers can turn off those application for not charging.

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