Thursday, April 10, 2014

Top ten Richest people in the history ever

Top 10
Name : Cornelius Vanderbilt.
Net worth : $185 Billion 

About :- Cornelius Vanderbilt made his first fortune on the steamboat industry but didn't see his wealth really explore until he invested in railroads at the age of 70.

Top 09
Name : Henry Ford
Net worth : $199 Billion 

About :- Ford Motor company founder Henry Ford built an iconic brand which we all still know and see today.

Top 08
Name : Muammar Gaddafi
Net worth : $200 Billion 

About :- After his death in 2011 reports surfaced that Gaddafi had a net worth of $200 billion. Nearly $70 billion was seized in foreign bank estate. Reset of his wealth comes from Libya's oil fields.

Top 07
Name : William the Conqueror
Net worth : $229.5 Billion 

About :- William the Conqueror was most famous for invadung ans subsequently seizing England in 1066. He died in 1087 leaving $229.5 billion to his sons.

Top 06
Name : Mir Osman Ali Khan
Net worth : $230 Billion

About :- He was the ruler of hydrabad until the country was invaded by neighbour India. He has a personal collection of goldworth of more than $100 millions and owned $400 millions of jewels. He also owned more than 40 ROLL Royces.

Top 05
Name : Nikolai  Alexanderovich Romanov
Net worth : $300 Billion

About :- Nikolai  Alexanderovich Romanov ruled the Russian empire from 1894 to 1917 when Bolshevik Revolutionists overthrew and murdered him and his family.

Top 04
Name : Andrew Carnegie
Net worth : $310 Billion

About :- Andrew Carnegie led the enormous expansion of the late 19th century. Made most of his fortune when he sold his steel company to JP Morgan.

Top 03
Name : John D.Rockefeller
Net worth : $340 Billion

About :- His company standard oil dominated American oil production. It wa broken into amaller companies that you probably recognize today : AMOCO, CHEVRON CONOCO and EXXONMOBIL.

Top 02
Name : The Rothschild Family
Net worth : $350 Billion

About :- They established european banking and finance houses starting in the late 18th century.

Top 01
Name : Mansa Musa
Net worth : $400 Billion

About :- He lived from 1280-1337 and ruled the Malian empire. His wealth came from his country's production of salt and gold