Thursday, April 10, 2014

Top 10 Real life animals Superpowers

TOP 10:- Axolotl
Super power : Regeneration.

About: Salamander that is not only capable of growing back its limbs and tail. But also heart and brain.

TOP 09:- Platypus
Super power : Electrolocation.

About:  It Can sense electrical signals sent from muscular contractions in prey. Using this ability, It closes its eyes, ears and nose when hunting.

TOP 08:- Dung Beetle.
Super power :Super Strength.

About: It Can pull 1141 times its own body weight. Comparable to a 200LB (90kg) man pulling 12 schools buses at once.

TOP 07:- Gecko.
Super power :Wall Climbing.

About: They have feet covered in hair-like setate that bond on a molecular level with surfaces. Can climb polished glass at a meter per second and cling to walls with a single toe.

TOP 06:- Peacock Mantis Shrimp.
Super power :Super Punch.

About: It Punches at speeds of over 50 feet per second. The fastest punch on record. Bubbles of air form in front of its claw which burst, Stunning or killing prey.

TOP 05:- Electric Eel.
Super power :Electrocution.

About: It has speacial organs with cells that generate small amounts of electricity. Can produce 600 volts enough to power ten 60W bulbs or kill a human.

TOP 04:- Mimic Octopus.
Super power :Shapeshifting.

About: This octopus can pretend to be over adozen species by changing its shape, size and color.

TOP 03:- Hydrozen.
Super power :Immortality.

About: This creature has the ability to revert back to its younger form. It can repeat the process essentially meaning it can live forever.

TOP 02:- Bombardier.
Super power :Toxic Fireball.

About: This beetle sprays toxic fluid at predators from a gland. The fluid can reach 212F (100c) and is discharged with a bang.

TOP 01:- Pistol Shrimp.
Super power : Power Claws.

About: Its snapping claws produce a noise louder than a sonic boom. They also create a BUBBLE that has a temperature almost as hot as the sun at 8540F (4726.85C).


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