Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to change boot animation of android devices

What is an android boot animation?

Android Boot animation is a term for a graphical representation of the boot process of an android operating system.

Short definition of changing boot animation of an android devices.

Boot animation of an android devices can be changed with different methods like using android terminal, using computer and using root browser app like root explorer. But easier and fast method is done by using root explorer.

How to change boot animation of an android devices ?

  • first download the file (link are given at the last of the post).
  • change the file name into (In case of other name).
  • Now open Root Explorer (download root explorer from here
  • Open Root explorer and once inside, locate your original boot animation file ( in /system/media.
  • And save original to sd card (optional).
  • Now browse the that you have downloaded from here and copy and paste it to the /system/media folder (make sure it's read/write).
  • Now reboot the phone.

Note: You have to make sure that the file name is correct ( for the system to recognize your boot animation, and boot properly.


Other boot animations will be added soon.......


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