Saturday, March 15, 2014

Earn with Probux

What is Probux?
Probux is a PTC(Pay To Click) site. which pays you money, if you visit other sites through it. And it also provide the quality traffic to your site if you have become a advertiser, paying certain amount of money.
  • How can we earn money with probux?
Probux has great tasks and many more option for earning:
  1. viewing ads:-There is a four(4) fixed ads, from where you can easily earn $0.01 per each ad(means $0.04 per day).there are many more other ads, which pays you upto $0.005 per each ad.
  2. Progrid:-It is kind of a lucky game. There are twenty(20) chances per day. You can win upto $5(But this is in a rare case).
  3. Direct Referrals:-You can earn by referring your friend and others to signup and click ads in a probux. You both can earn from this method.
  4. Rented referrals:-This is a great feature of Probux. You can rent your account to others. If you have rental referrals you can earn upto 50% of their earning doing nothing or you can make upto $2 per day.
  5. Crowd flowers:- crowd flowers is a company, which undertakes the different projects and tasks and place them onto probux.Every projects will have a different payout rates. If you earned $50 you will be crowned by $5.

You can double your income by upgrading your membership to premium account.
  • Payment processes:
there are two processes Paypal and Payza.